We take the stress out of
finding caregivers.

The quality of care determines the quality of life.

To accommodate the realities that go with aging, it is important for you or your loved one to accept assistance from others. If the goal is to live independently, that often means having someone come into the home. Hiring a caregiver can be a big step. But an extra pair of hands can make it possible for you to continue to live well.

We hire, train, and supervise caregivers.

We assist with the search for quality caregivers. In our experience, the most successful caregivers are high in emotional intelligence: people who feel good by making other people feel good. People who feel good by making other people feel good. Once we identify a strong candidate, we begin a trial period with regular performance reviews. Whether caregivers are found through word of mouth or hired from an agency, ongoing training and close supervision is essential.

We connect you to caregiver resources.

We have decades of experience in home care and know what the challenges are in finding in-home help. We’ve developed relationships with a variety of community-based and for-profit companies as well as a host of private individuals for sourcing caregivers. We do not profit from these providers. Instead we choose to remain 100% independent to find exceptional caregivers for our clients.

What can caregivers do?

Caregivers offer kindness, companionship, and assistance with a range of tasks, such as meals and household chores. Many come from foreign countries with unique cultures that are very different from those in the US.