What We Do

Our core services

Supervising medications is a task for professionals. Many people take 10 or more medications daily. Some are on a regular schedule, some are taken as needed, some are at different times and even in different doses. Our goal is to be sure all are taken safely and to stay on top of any side effects and interactions. But medication management is just one service we provide. We also…

Monitor and track health with
in-home visits

Attend medical appointments

Schedule lab tests and follow up on results

Arrange for equipment needed
in the home

Make certain that doctor’s orders
are followed

Offer guidance on complex
cognitive issues

Assist families in decision making related to end of life

Act as a consumer advocate with hospital staff

Review legal and
financial issues

Find solutions for
household needs

Become an intermediary between clients and family members

Assist with moving in or out of a facility or residence

Who uses Shelterbelt Care?

We are often contacted by the adult children of aging parents, many who live far from their loved ones. Our specialized care management benefits those with chronic conditions who use a team of physicians, ongoing diagnostic or laboratory testing, and several medications. We are available for one-time consultations and long-term relationships.


What physicians say about our services

The most important role of Nurse Care Managers is to act as a liaison between the primary care provider and the patient. They sit in on medical visits, and are a second pair of eyes and ears.
Palo Alto
I think the best thing about a Nurse Care Manager is having a point person for the patient and the family so now all parties have a face, a name, someone to call with questions or problems.
Menlo Park
Concierge Physician