10 questions every aging person must consider.

Older adults who desire to live independently with minimal medical intervention need to ask themselves 10 questions. Some are straightforward, some are not. But finding honest answers and talking things over with family and friends will make a difference in the quality of your remaining years.

1) Is my house or apartment a safe place that is aging-friendly and designed to minimize the possibility of a slip or fall?

2) Is there a grocery store, convenience store and a pharmacy nearby so that I can maintain a healthy diet and obtain necessary medications?

3) Does my living condition place me at risk for elder abuse, crime, fire or extreme weather?

4) Am I still driving when it’s past the time when I can accomplish it safely? Is there someone who is available to drive to appointments?

5) Are there regular opportunities to connect with others in social, family or civic activities?

6) Can I take steps to mitigate loneliness and possibly even depression?

7) Do I have family, friends or neighbors to call on if help is needed?

8) Do I have sufficient financial resources to meet my health needs in the years to come?

9) Do I have a will, trust and power of attorney? Do others know where to find these documents?

10) Are my last wishes written and shared with family and physician?

Addressing some of the issues above may take months or even years. Consider this an opportunity to nail down the answers so you may live your remaining years with peace of mind.