Taking care of an aging parent or relative?

Get professional guidance and support from Nurses trained in aging.

"My parents are struggling, and I don’t know where to start to help".
"I was just diagnosed with diabetes, and I have to learn how to inject insulin".
“Mom has so many doctor’s appointments and different medications, I can’t keep track”.

A new, medically-driven approach to elder care.

Shelterbelt Care is a new approach to elder services: professional Nurses with formal training in large healthcare systems are at the helm. They have accumulated knowledge of the health conditions associated with aging minds and bodies.

Welcome to Concierge Nurse Care Management

I’m Dr. Kathy Johnson, and very pleased to introduce Shelterbelt Care. I’m a psychologist, gerontologist, caregiver for my 95 year-old mother, and founder of Shelterbelt Care. I am also the founder and former CEO of one of the largest companies in the home care industry—which I operated, expanded and sold over a period of fifteen years.

A few years ago, I moved my mother from our family home in New Jersey to my home across the country. The most important thing I learned from being responsible for mom is this: no one ever tells you how hard it is to care for an ailing parent. Without an understanding of the impact of aging, you can’t help but get things wrong. It’s a job for professional Nurses, and no one else is going to cut it.

What can a Nurse Care Manager do?

We help families care for older relatives or loved ones. We guide our clients through age-related situations that cause emotional or psychological distress. Concerns about medical conditions, cognitive health, medications, housing arrangements, financial obligations, family dynamics, and mortality, are just a few of the complicated concerns we take on.

Our clients are people just like you.​

Most of our clients are aging individuals and their loved ones. We are often contacted by daughters, sons, spouses, and extended family members who find themselves in the new role of caregiver and we create a workable plan for healthy living.

Free 15-minute phone consultation.

It’s easy to get started with a confidential phone call or email. After that, the first meeting will be in your home during which we listen and discuss your biggest concerns and most complicated issues. We’ll explore what decisions you have to make for better health and wellness.

Caring for aging family members is a tough job.​

We are a group of compassionate professionals with a singular vision: improve the standard of care for older adults. Our Nurse-led approach combines knowledge, experience, and expertise. We bring a high degree of professionalism to everything we do.

Services designed around you.

Nurse Care Managers tackle a combination of tasks from large (medication management) to small (scheduling appointments). Our responsibilities change depending on your health status. We do all this and more…

Monitor and track health with
in-home visits

Attend medical appointments

Schedule lab tests and follow up on results

Oversee moving in or out of a facility or residence

Mediate between clients and family members

Guidance on complex
cognitive issues

What physicians say about our services

"The most important role of Nurse Care Managers is to act as a liaison between the primary care provider and the patient. They sit in on medical visits, and are a second pair of eyes and ears. "
"I think the best thing about a Nurse Care Manager is having a point person for the patient and the family so now all parties have a face, a name, someone to call with questions or problems."

Covid 19 Policy.
Shelterbelt Care adheres to CDC guidelines on Covid-19. All Nurse Care Managers and staff are fully vaccinated and regularly tested